Covered California Open Enrollment 2018

Covered California open enrollment for policy renewals is beginning October 11, and new rates will be available same day. Overall, the process and coverage is going to be very similar to what you’ve experienced with prior renewals, however there are a couple important changes I want to make you aware of:

Rates are increasing for most plans, like they do every year. EMost plans should be seeing adjustments in line, or slightly more, than in years past. One exception is if you have any children under 19 enrolled in Covered California (does not apply to Medi-Cal) on your account. Currently, all children under 19 are charged the same rate regardless of age. On Dec. 31. a provision in the ACA is expiring, and each age will now have their own set of rates. Some of you will see a decrease specifically for your child, and some of you may see a significant increase.

Kaiser Permanente is looking to be a very strong option in Santa Cruz county going forward. They have facilities in Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and Scotts Valley, and are aggressively expanding in the area. Some of their plans are nearly 50% less expensive than the Blue Shield and Healthnet equivalent. Kaiser is an HMO, which may mean you’ll need to select a new primary case physician.

Lastly, Anthem is not going to offer individual plans in Santa Cruz County in 2018. If you have an Anthem plan, you’ll need to select a new insurance company.

Update 08/12/17: Silver tier plan rates will be increasing more than other tiers, due to the executive order signed by the president to remove cost-share subsidies.


Difference Between Water Damage And Flood Damage, And Are You Covered?

The simple answer is a flood is from water that originates outside the home, and water damage comes from inside.

Water damage typically comes from an overflowed toilet, sink, or a burst pipe. Is water damage covered under your home or renters policy? It depends, and is often tricky. First off, you need to check with your insurance carrier to see if they offer any coverage for water damage under your policy.

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Covered California

Important Covered California Information and Dates for 2015

Open enrollment for Covered CA health insurance is starting on Nov. 15, so in anticipation we wanted to get out new information and important dates for new and renewing families. If you’re currently enrolled you can go online and process your renewal now (the system is currently experiencing an error though. *See below). Please pay attention to any mail you get from your insurance carrier and CoveredCA over the next couple months, as they have important info..

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Are Your Personal Belongings Covered While In Your Car?

Depends on the insurance policies you have. Full coverage car insurance covers your car, and depending on your policy, you may have limited coverage for permanently installed after-market parts (sound system, in-dash navigation, nicer wheels and tires, etc.). There is no coverage for your personal belongings under your car insurance policy though.

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Garage Lift

Garagekeepers Insurance Explained

Garagekeepers insurance is an often times confusing type of coverage most commonly found on auto repair and body shop insurance policies. It provides comprehensive and collision coverage for a customer’s vehicle while in the business’s care and custody. Not all garagekeepers coverage is the same though, and your level of coverage can vary even with the same insurance company. There are 3 different policy types, with massive differences in coverage and rates. When renewing your policy or purchasing a new one, make sure you understand which form you’re agreeing to, or you could be setting yourself up for disaster down the line:

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Covered California

Anthem CoveredCA Plans Not In Sutter & PAMF Physician Network For 2014

On Monday 12/16/13 PAMF announced that they’ve declined contracts to be included in Anthem PPO plans offered through Covered Ca.. They will continue to be in network for many of Anthem’s “off-exchange” plans, written directly through Anthem.

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What’s the Difference Between PPO and EPO Health Insurance?

In the CoveredCA plan options you may have noticed that Blue Shield is offering an EPO plan that looks similar in coverage to Anthem Blue Cross’ PPO plan, but is less expensive. So what’s the difference? Simply put if you see a physician in Anthem or Blue Shield’s networks, the plans will function similarly. If you see someone outside the network then there is a huge difference.

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