Senior Driver Discounts – How Drivers Age 55+ Can Save 10% Or More On Their Auto Insurance

Are you 55 or older, and have less than 2 tickets/accidents in the past 3 years? Then you may be eligible for a mature or senior driver safety discount that can save you big bucks! The discount amount varies per insurance company, and not every insurer offers it, so check with your agent. Typically, completion of the safety course will qualify for about a 10% discount off your autos. Best of all, the course should cost you around $20 to complete, and the discount stays active for 3 years. It’s really a no brainer and will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Check out any of the following links for state approved vendors, then get a copy of your certificate and send it to your insurance agent. Simple as that! ($19.95 and offers online) (list of state approved vendors) (another solid option. Classroom and online versions)



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