Young Driver Discounts – 5 Huge Insurance Discounts For Drivers Under 25

Is money tight, and you’re scratching your head for ways to save as much as possible on your auto insurance? Here are 5 little known insider discounts that your insurance company may offer that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year:

  1. Inexperienced driver safety course. Many insurance companies offer an online safety course that young drivers (9 years experience or less) can take to prove their road and safety knowledge. The test typically takes less than an hour, and may save you hundreds of dollars per year. The best part is it should stick with you until you get 9 years experience or reach age 25, so you can get years of savings!
  2. Good student. If you’re a full time student with a 3.0 GPA or higher, you may qualify for your insurance company’s good student discount. Keeping good grades is worth it, because the discount can be as much as 25%! Get a copy of your transcript and send it to your agent so they can add any discount you qualify for.
  3. Driving experience discounts. Your auto insurance rates are based off your driving experience rather than your age, and should decrease as you reach 3, 5, 9, and 13 years of driving experience. Most insurance companies will assume you were first licensed at 16 or older, but if you received your learners permit at 15 ½ that counts as having your license! Let your agent know if you were licensed at 15 ½, otherwise you won’t get credit for that 6 months of driving and you’ll be over-paying for insurance for at least 6 months!
  4. Multi-Policy discount. Add other policies to your account and may actually SAVE money just by adding them! If your insurer offers renters insurance, life insurance or multi-car discounts ask them how much you’ll save by adding it to your account. The discounts can range from 3%-20% per policy, and a small plan will cost you just a couple dollars per month. Make sure if you have a renters insurance policy it’s with the same company that insures your auto so you can get the discounts on both!
  5. Correct zip code and annual mileage. Two big factors in your insurance rate are the miles you estimate you’ll drive, and your zip code. Make sure they’re using the zip code your car stays garaged at instead of a P.O. box. Box zip codes are often more expensive to use because they’re located in more densely populated areas where there is a higher chance of having an accident. If your mileage has decreased from last year, you may be paying 10, 20, or 30% more than you should be.

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