Damaged Roof

What’s The Difference between Replacement Cost and ACV?

Replacement Cost and ACV are the two coverage options for insurance policies that include personal property or building coverage on your homeowners, renters, or business insurance. They dictate how your property is valued for a claim payout, and work very differently.

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Garage Lift

Garagekeepers Insurance Explained

Garagekeepers insurance is an often times confusing type of coverage most commonly found on auto repair and body shop insurance policies. It provides comprehensive and collision coverage for a customer’s vehicle while in the business’s care and custody. Not all garagekeepers coverage is the same though, and your level of coverage can vary even with the same insurance company. There are 3 different policy types, with massive differences in coverage and rates. When renewing your policy or purchasing a new one, make sure you understand which form you’re agreeing to, or you could be setting yourself up for disaster down the line:

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