How To Lower Your Car Insurance Rates Without Cutting Coverage

Looking for a way to lower your car insurance rates without chopping coverage? It’s a lot easier than most people think and it could end up saving you hundreds of bucks per year.

The easiest way slash your rate is taking advantage of multi-policy discounts your insurer offers. Just about every multi-lines insurance company in California provides discounts when you bundle more than 1 policy or car with them. Depending on what lines of insurance they offer you may qualify for discounts for adding a second car, renters or home insurance, life insurance, motorcycles, motor homes, and more. Beyond the discounts, dealing with one agency for all your insurance is easier than having to work with several.

The number of miles you drive per year plays a massive role in your rate. If your commute is less than in previous years, you’ve added an additional car, or you just drive less, then you should update your annual mileage estimate. Your miles driven can cause your rate to fluctuate by up to 30%!

Lastly, check out different deductible options and find the sweet spot. Changing from a $500 deductible to a $750 or $1000 may end up saving you a couple hundred dollars a year.


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