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Important Covered California Information and Dates for 2015

Open enrollment for Covered CA health insurance is starting on Nov. 15, so in anticipation we wanted to get out new information and important dates for new and renewing families. If you’re currently enrolled you can go online and process your renewal now (the system is currently experiencing an error though. *See below). Please pay attention to any mail you get from your insurance carrier and CoveredCA over the next couple months, as they have important info..

Login and password/username recovery:
Covered California login portal:

Important Dates:
11/15: Open Enrollment begins for families not currently enrolled (Jan. 1 effective date)
11/23: Existing Covered CA client renewals requested (you can still renew up until 12/15, but they’re asking families to process their renewal by then if possible so they can focus on new enrollments in December)
12/15: Last date to enroll for 01/01/15 effective date

New Rates
The rates for 2015 are now available online, or simply go into your account, begin processing the renewal, and at plan selection select “go shopping”.

Plan Changes:
The health insurance companies (Blue Shield, Healthnet, Anthem Blue Cross) are staying the same in Santa Cruz County, but there is one important change to the offerings. Healthnet is discontinuing their PPO plans in California, and have changed to an EPO. To understand the difference between PPO and EPO check the following link: What’s the difference between PPO & EPO Health Insurance. If you’re currently enrolled with Healthnet, your plan will not automatically renew, and you need to select either the new EPO or choose another insurance company and plan.

Provider Network Changes:
As of early September, Anthem is no longer in-network with Stanford Hospital. There may be other changes to physician networks, so please check them out online and confirm your physician is still in network for your plan:
Blue Shield


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