Are Your Personal Belongings Covered While In Your Car?

Depends on the insurance policies you have. Full coverage car insurance covers your car, and depending on your policy, you may have limited coverage for permanently installed after-market parts (sound system, in-dash navigation, nicer wheels and tires, etc.). There is no coverage for your personal belongings under your car insurance policy though.

So what type of policy does give coverage for your belongings in your car if someone breaks in? You need a fire insurance policy, which is either renters, condo, or homeowners insurance. Standard fire insurance policies will typically provide limited world-wide coverage for your personal property, subject to your deductible.

The best preventative measures you can take against a thief is to not leave bags, briefcases, or backpacks in your car, and always lock your doors. If a thief sees something in your back seat that could contain jewelry, a laptop, music player, or GPS, they can break your window, snatch it, and be gone in 10 seconds. Your car alarm alone won’t stop them. Make sure you carry some sort of fire insurance policy as well. Depending on where you live, you can pick up a renters insurance policy for as little as $12/mo.. Even better, if it’s with the same company as your car insurance, you may get an additional multi-policy discount.


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