What You Need To Know About SR22 Insurance

What is an SR22 and why do I need one?

SR-22’s are an insurance document filed with the DMV that shows proof of financial responsibility. If you’ve had a DUI, DWI, suspended license, major moving violation, ticketed for driving without insurance, or just a lot of tickets, you will likely need to carry an SR22 to start the process to reinstate your license. The DMV typically requires you to carry the SR22 for 3 years, and it’s extremely important to not let your policy lapse during that period, because it needs to be 3 years of uninterrupted coverage!

What Does An SR22 cost?

SR22’s typically cost about $20 for the filing, and must be attached to an insurance policy. If you own a car you can add the SR22 to your auto insurance policy. If you don’t own a car, you can get a non-owner insurance policy very inexpensively. The non-owner policy gives you insurance protection for cars you borrow from friends or family members.

Call us today or email us for your SR-22 needs or questions. Our insurance companies, Farmers and Bristol West, file the SR22 for you, and we provide you an original copy that you can take down personally to the DMV. Best of all, your SR22 can be issued in as little as 15 minutes!


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